Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mommy Blogs that Make Us Happy

Are you getting tired of our "happy" things yet? I am, almost. I'll stop soon on the themey-ness. Yes, that's a word, even though my spellchecker is trying to say that it's not. And just so you know, it did not point out that spellchecker is not a word. Is it really a word?

Here are some links to some blogs that we are fond of (notice I didn't use happy? I'm phasing it out already). These blogs are mostly about mothering, being a wife, and homeschooling. I'll list some other favorites soon (like my favorite craft blogs, cooking blogs, etc...).  Please tell me someone else enjoys reading blogs as much as I do. 

Preschoolers and Peace
. This has been a great resource for me and more recently for Danneca. She's got some wonderful tips and ideas. I have put her Circle Time into our homeschooling plan this year and have really loved it.

Life in a Shoe. She's funny, witty, and very down to earth. Her kids are pretty cute too.

In the Heart of My Home. I enjoy her writing style and she often makes me appreciate the little blessings of having children.

Blue Yonder. If you homeschool, she has a fun "Book of Days" that's been a nice change of pace for us when we're ready for a little break from the daily grind but don't want to take a break entirely from learning.

There you go. Go look around, if you have the time, and enjoy.

Tell us in the comments some of your favorite mommy blogs. I love reading new ones.

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mary said...

Thanks! I love blog hopping.