Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Happy Snack

So we're all starting to feel the urge to hibernate.  Here's a snack that provides incredible nutrition, is a favorite for many, is easily transported, will keep for weeks........BUT you must follow the recipe carefully, otherwise you'll stress your body out and end up with a tummy ache. 

Crispy Cashews
Place 4c. raw cashews in a bowl.  Cover with pure water.  Stir in 2tbsp. sea salt.  Let sit at room temp. for 6hrs. - no more, no less.  Strain, but don't rinse.  Roast in oven at a max. of 250 degrees.  I usually roast at 170.  Roast until you like the texture.  Store in a jar with a tight lid or ziploc bag.  Mix with raisins, cranberries, chocolate chips or whatever you want!

Crispy Pecans/Walnuts
Place 4c. nuts in a bowl.  Cover with pure water.  Stire in 2tbsp. sea salt.  Let sit at room temp. for 8hrs. or overnight.  Strain, but don't rinse.  Roast in oven at a max of 150 degrees.  My oven only goes as low as 170, so I heat to 170, then turn it off for awhile, then repeat until I like the texture of the nuts.  Mix with raisins, etc., as you like.

**Here's the deal with soaking the nuts:  Nuts are made with "enzyme inhibitors."  These prevent the nut from being digested in your gut, causing your pancreas to work overtime, thus causing stress on your whole body (adrenals are badly affected, as well as your insulin response).  If you soak the nuts as directed, the enzyme inhibitor is broken down and digested properly, helping your body to receive the wonderful benefits of this highly nutritious food.  Very important not to roast them above the temps. listed in the recipe.  Overheating will kill those precious enzymes you released when you soaked the nuts!  I am always hard-pressed for quick protein.  Having been pregnant and nursing for the last 10yrs., my hormones are quite demanding on my body.  Protein helps balance these monsters and helps keep me "happy."  You MUST start your day with protein if your hormones give you any trouble at all.  That's why I like these nuts.  I keep them in a ziploc bag in the pantry.  After I've taken all my little morning routine potions (still with my eyes half-shut), I toss small handful of the nuts into a cup and mix in a little something sweet and chomp them as I go about my morning.  This has helped me tremendously in my tendancy to have hormonal panic episodes when things get cooky around here, and they always do.  Anyway, this is super easy.  Hope it makes you happy too!

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Raw Giant Cashews
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