Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to our happy mamas blog. We're so glad you've found us and have stopped by to visit. Chances are very high that we know you and love you already!

We are two sisters from the cornfields of Indiana. Okay, so we never actually lived near cornfields because we lived in a small city growing up, but that city is surrounded by cornfields, so it counts. After getting married, we moved across the country from one another. Well, one of us moved across the country. The other moved to the next state over.

We have twelve beautiful children between us. Yes, twelve! Five boys and seven girls. Between the two of us, we have been pregnant every year for the last ten years! We are two blessed mamas!

We've decided to start a blog. We'll be talking about healthy eating, crafting, homeschooling, mothering and whatever else strikes our fancy. What would you like to talk about?

We are happy mamas, but we are not always happy (I can think of several times in the last week, in fact!). While we might write about a struggle here and there, we probably won't be blogging much about the negative things because frankly, who wants to read about those?

We are living our dream by mothering wonderful children who are gifts from God. And that makes us very happy.