Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Never Fear! Kelp is on the Way!

Kelp is a miracle herb, in my humble opinion.  It is most renowned for its high iodine content. You might think you get enough iodine in your multivitamin, or perhaps in your salt, if you use refined salt.  However, unfortunately, these sources are not enough for most people.  

Iodine is most important for the healthy function of your thyroid.  Many of us overlook the significance of this little gland, located at the base of your throat, but if you don't take good care of her, she will let you know. You see, I like to think of the thyroid as the "depot" for the busy, busy circulating of hormones that takes place in your complex body around the clock. If you have had more than one or two kids, been on any type of steroid, or other hormone-based drug, and/or consume caffeine regularly, your thyroid needs some love and attention. A blood test is not a good read of your thyroid, as it will give a "normal" reading, when, in fact you may be suffering from low-thyroid, or hypothyroidism.  I'm not a fan of diagnosing here and there and everywhere, but rather, giving the proper care to the parts of the body that need it most.  Some of the most common symptoms of a weak thyroid are low body temperature, tingling in extremities, poor circulation, fatigue, trouble losing weight, hormone imbalance issues and hair loss.  There are, of course, a zillion more, but these are the most common.  Now, I have recommended a raw thyroid glandular for years as a way to boost your thyroid. I believe this has helped me immensely, to stay strong and active and healthy through the past 12+ years of 9 pregnancies and nursing. However, I have still not felt like my thyroid and adrenals were what they should be.  Why I waited so long to give kelp a shot, I'll never know.  Anyhow, it's mostly the iodine in kelp that's helping, but it should not be overlooked that kelp is also praised for its abundance of other minerals, of which we are all in need, its ability to normalize hormone levels, its antibiotic properties and many other functions.  

You may be bored by now, so I'll let you do your own research on kelp, but let me cut more to the chase. I bought some kelp from the most trusted and wholesome site for bulk herbs, bulkherbstore.com.  I bought the powder, and I stir a half teaspoon into a glass of water 3x, daily.  I hold my nose while I drink, as it smells like what I imagine the bottom of the ocean floor to smell like.  This could be because I'm in the middle of a first trimester. If you are not someone who can drink weird stuff, I recommend ordering empty gelatin capsules from the same folks, and fill the capsules yourself.  This is not a big chore at all.  It is quite simple.  Before I ordered their capsule-filler, I would put the powder in a bowl or cup and hold the big end of the gel cap with tweezers and dip it into the powder until it was full.  Then, I'd stick the other end of the gel cap on.  Done! Make some up while you're watching a movie or chatting with a friend. Nevertheless, you won't regret it! We're just a click away from bulkherbstore.com now, by clicking the icon on the top of our blog.  Hey, as an added bonus, if you are nice to your thyroid and and she has all the iodine she needs, if there is ever a nuclear fallout of some sort, a well-iodine saturated thyroid will block a good deal of that radiation, not to mention the barrage of radiation to which we submit ourselves daily.  : )

And, finally...You know I'm not a doctor and that nothing I say or recommend has been evaluated by the FDA. I can't treat or diagnose you.  K? 


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