Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Baking

Tomorrow I'm planning on doing some baking for my husband to take to his office.  I thought I'd share what I'm planning.  These are simple, no-fuss recipes.  Easy peasy.

So, in case you're wondering - because I know y'all are - is she going to do all this holiday baking with five children under 6 years old?  Or maybe you weren't wondering.  Maybe you do it all the time and it's just me who gets in a tizzy about these things.  Kudos to you.  Tell me how you do it.  But I was sitting here thinking about my plan for tomorrow and I had a brief thought of . . . "Really?  Is this possible?"  

So I'm saying now what I have to say to prepare myself before I do any sort of cooking/baking with the children.  It won't be picture perfect.  And it won't go as planned.  I'm always lowering my expectations around here.  Because baking with children can be enjoyable and fun for everyone (you too!) if your expectations are lowered a bit.  Oh, and I don't know about your kids, but my kids are really only helping so that they can have tastes of everything.  So if you want to stay sane, hand out tastes (and liberally).  

Don't expect pictures.  Or maybe I'll surprise myself and get some good ones.  

Okay, here's what I'm planning . . . Don't look, Danneca.  Nothing is healthy about any of these.  :-) 

Peanut-Butter Kisses.  Everyone calls them something different.  Here's a recipe. 

Gingersnaps.  I use a recipe that makes soft gingersnaps, which I guess wouldn't make them "snaps" but I'm not changing the name.  

Oatmeal Scotchies.  I found it on the back of the butterscotch chips bag.  I might put chocolate chips in them too.  

These.  Aren't they cute?  This will be the kids' favorite thing to make and I'm mostly making this for them.  

Later this week I'm making my Grandma's Candy for a party.  I will post the recipe to this because it is divine and so easy to make. 

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Stephanie said...

Ooohh, I LOVE those pretzel/kisses things!! And what is Christmas without peanut butter kisses cookies? Yummy!